New Trumpets debut! ARTEMIS-'MAXIMUS' in Bb&C

Best Brass is adding new models to ARTEMIS trumpet!!
The new model is called ARTEMIS-MAXIMUS, and its concept is to project an even larger and darker sound. In fact, lots of pro-players played them at the last ITG in Los Angels and appreciated the concept. As joint result of newly designed 'HAMANAGA Valve System' and 'HAMANAGA Waterkey', we have been able to achieve en even more ideal accoustical design than before.

As you can see the pictures below, it should not cause any feelling of strangeness, however, the bell size actually is over 140mm(5.6 inches). It really looks like a larger instruments compared to a regular ARTEMIS trumpet. And, once you hold it, you will feel very natural and actually lighter because of MAXIMUS' own weight distribution design. Also, 1st slide ring and 1st/3rd slide stopper have been re-designed.

Some of the features of MAXIMUS will be installed to current Best Brass trumpet models, so you can see a future style of our instrument in this new model. MAXIMUS is now only available at Best Brass Japan but will be displayed at some shows in the US soon. I will keep you updated on this web site. Have a great weekend!

Artemis Maximus in Bb.jpg
Artemis Maximus in C.jpg

2016/09/09 20:08 Kota Hamanaga


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