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new e-brass

You can enjoy playing brass instrument in anytime anywhere you want with our e-Brass !!

New e-Brass series

The complete portable and soundproof system NEW e-Brass is the most innovative product for brass instruments from BEST BRASS. With in silent practice, you’ll hear a sound like talking in whispers (approx -30dB) inside the earphones so rich and full you’ll think you are standing on a concert hall stage.

e-Brass whisper system lets you play your horn anywhere you want, anytime you want, and with just the kind of ambiance you feel like. You can mix into the sounds of a CD player or other audio device, and output your playing into a audio device or even an amp with speakers. You don't need to search for a special practice room anymore.

Created by designer Shinji Hamanaga, NEW e-Brass whisper system, it has none of that stuffy restricted feeling of conventional practice mutes. It blows so close to a natural open horn sound that you simply won't believe it until you actually experience it for yourself. Play high or low, loud or soft, and your pitch will remain true and centered. A special microphone inside the mute relays your sound to the personal studio.

Smaller, lighter and more portable The redesigned NEW e-Brass module is much more portable and convenient. The sound from this "next generation" system has been greatly improved over the previous generation. The new module has a metronome function with light emitting diode, a volume knob and an echo switch, eliminating the unneeded extra features and making it even more affordable. The player can play along with their favorite song in practice and performance settings and put the fun back in their practice sessions.

  • e-Brass for trumpetFor Trumpet : JPY 20,000
    weight : 75g
    Now on Sale since 1st Nov, 2007
  • e-brass for hornFor Horn : JPY 25,000
    weight : 130g
    Now on Sale since 1st March, 2008
  • e-brass for tromboneFor Trombone : JPY 24,000
    weight 110g
    Now on Sale since 1st March, 2008
    Also can be used to flugelhorn
  • new e-brass for tromboneFor Bass Trombone : JPY 25,000
    weight : 130g
    Now on Sale since 1st March, 2008

Product Feature and function

NEW e-Brass module

  • Digital echo function with 3 mode
  • Input jack allows an external sound source to be combined with the signal coming from the mute or microphone. The player can play along with their favorite song in practice and performance settings and put the fun back in their practice sessions.
  • Output /phones jack allows the system to be connected to earphones for private practice, an external sound system for sound reproduction, or to a recording system for recording.
  • 3 Choice from S to M and L with echo function
  • The rhythm with metronome function can be more effective to practice correct rhythm alone.

NEW e-Brass for Trumpet

  • complete portable size
  • Ventilation hole
  • UM-4/AAA alkali battery x 2
  • The player can play along with their favorite song in practice.

To everyone who uses e-Brass for the first time

For the first time when using e-Brass, because of the sound deadening effect, you may blow louder than usual. As a result, the sound that comes out of e-Brass wouldn't be deadened effectively, and you would be hard to blow. To avoid that problem, using the headphones is recommended when you play the instrument with e- Brass. You have the natural state of playing when a small voice leaks from e-Brass. Relax your body, and enjoy the effective practice. Play with the correct musical interval in your head, because it is difficult to play with the accurate pitch by the mute in general. The distortion noise occurs in the headphones when you play at full blast or increase too much volume. When the batteries are running low at high volume, the sound from the headphones stops suddenly. This is not a failure of the sound module, but the function of the protection circuit. Exchange the batteries for brand-new ones of the same type in such a case. The battery life changes by the use conditions, and it becomes short in use of the higher volume.

You can see a picture of the battery on a circuit board when you open the cover. Please put the battery into the module in a correct direction like the picture.


Evaluation from user

Martin Hackleman

The best practice mute in my life !

Mr. Martin Hackleman

e-Brass for horn is really wonderful. The most favorite thing is superior pitch in full range from low register to high register. Also the response is very accurate. Controlling the resistance is also very light feeling so the player feels nothing like a mute is inside the bell. This is the best practice mute in my life time.

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